"Welcome to my website. I am delighted that you have decided to stop here and discover how you can find the tools for development and self-fulfillment. My job here will be to help you find your balance in the multitude of possibilities and choices that the world offers, but also between your aspirations and the deep values ​​that guide your thoughts and actions.These three aspects, (values, thoughts, actions), when in total harmony with each other, actively participate in orientating you towards your happiness and success.


- Going forward on clean and healthy grounds

- Open up to new perspectives

- Know how to make the right choices

- To feel in agreement and at peace with yourself and others

- To position yourself appropriately in your world


The  greatness of  your Soul has the right to express itself. I wish and intend to help you find, here, the means that will enable you to radiate as you wish.

I am honored to share this bit of the road with you during your visit! "

Moera Saule _ Shape Your Own World

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Moëra Saule _ Shape Your Own World

This work studies the course of Schelling's thought from the perspective of the triadic relation between Philosophy / Art / Mythology. From the young Schelling, the alleged author of the Ätestes System Program, to the Philosophy of Revelation, the philosopher never stopped changing the place of each of the three concepts in relation to the other two. This exchange testifies to the very evolution of the ontological and even political thought of the German idealist.

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