I am glad to offer you one of the 25 meditations from my album:

"25 Meditations to regenerate your life".


The soul journey meditation we use in Soul Coaching® is, according to me, a very powerful form of meditation and visualisation, from which we manage to awaken our inner leadership. I hope that this journey to the very heart of your being will bring you powerful answers and a strong connection to your soul, so that each passing day you feel more and more in alignment with yourself, in front of each and every circumstance life presents to you.


To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

The Mandala has been used for centuries for its spiritual, relaxing and educational powers. The practice and use of Mandalas are strong links between different cultures. Our ancestors from all continents used them to awaken the sacred, connect to the cosmos, deepen self-knowledge, represent the elements of Nature, connect humans ... Beyond the simple pleasure of a moment of creative leisure, it can become a true meditative act:


  • to relax

  • Develop concentration

  • De-stressing

  • Express creativity

  • Manage your emotions

  • Highlight values

  • Wake up strong energies within



The mandalas make it possible to balance the two cerebral hemispheres:


- the left hemisphere, which is known for its rational and logical approach, analyzes and links each step logically


- the right hemisphere, based on creativity and intuition, allows you to express the deep energies and values ​​that animate you when you concentrate on your mandala, through the choice of colors and how you feel when manipulating it)


- the corpus callosum bridges the two hemispheres so that the information on both sides is treated harmoniously.

Mandala May 2018

Let yourself be inspired by the beauty of Spring and what May will bring. Communicate with colour your emotions and express the messages of your Soul which you can't put into words.

Mandala April 2018

With the help of this mandala and your imagination, represent your vision of love, seduction and beauty, your VENUS!

Mandala March 2018

Lets celebrate Spring this month...

Daffodils are a firm indicator that Spring is on its way and if you look carefully you will spot some in this month's Mandala. Create your own vision of Spring!

Mandala February 2018


Beyond their sacred aspects, mandalas have many other benefits such as

1. Improved concentration

2. Increased imagination

3. Méditation

4. Stress relief

Your purification could start here...

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Creating a Spiritual Altar: For whom? Why?

Creating an altar is not necessarily a religious practice. It's a very effective way to help you experience the emotions you desire. You want your love to grow, or your joy, or maybe prosperity ... Creating an altar with objects that are dear to you and make you feel these emotions allows you to programme your subconscious mind to access these emotions and guide you towards them.


Some examples of altars to inspire you to create one at home in order to release and call the energies you want in your life