International Coaching

We live in a time where living on a international scale is mainstream. Our daily lives are fed by interrogations about our surroundings and how to fit in as an individual as well as an organisation.


This globalisation forces us to take risks, and break our habits and schemes impacting our professional and personal lives…


How do you stay in line with your core values? How do you combine a strategic plan of action and remain a  balanced being in our ever evolving societies?


International coaching is here to help you achieve it.


How does Coaching work?

“Solution-Focused Coaching” uses methods of visualisation, mental, physical and emotional projections as well as advanced NLP techniques. This in order to reach your best potential whilst remaining truthful to yourself. This method of intervention will help you find the appropriate solutions in relation to your current situation as well as your true self. Step by step, the performance is achieved by breaking old habits, both instinctively and in agreement with your personal values and  the person you want to become.

Coaching Interantional _ Méthode neurosciences

How is Coaching relevant to you?


By choosing “Solution-Focused Coaching” with Moera Saule here is what you can expect:


  • Expand your talents and creativity

  • Reinforcing your ability to take a step back and work on visualising the outcomes of your decisions and actions

  • Establish a definite and clear vision of your goals and what motivates you

  • Enlarge your emotional quotient

  • Welcome your vision of success and the different steps of its implementation

  • Commit to actions that will make a difference