Corporate Coaching

Whatever your request, we will build the support that best suits your needs so that your coaching experience becomes...

The added value for your success

Coaching International Corporate

Individual Coaching

Coaching International _ Coaching Individuel

By choosing a personalized and individual coaching, you are investing in your success:


  • Create the momentum for your success

  • Balance your aspirations, your values and your logistical and environmental requirements

  • Become actor of your own life

  • Choose your role according to circumstances

  • Build a long-term coherence of actions

  • Radiate and Embody Trust

  • Develop Your Internal Leadership

Team Facilitation

Coaching International _ Facilitations d'équipe

A company owes a large part of its success to a good working environment and a strong team. Creating a framework conducive to innovation, and maintaining a constructive dialogue beyond differences, are  key elements for solid projects to become real:


  • Create a common vision for the future of your business

  • Boost the skills and talents of each member of your staff

  • Unleash creativity around an established and structured goal

  • Strengthen team cohesion and identity

  • Achieving excellence in a harmonious and steady manner

  • Calibrate specific goals, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Temporal (SMART)

  • Develop sense of enthusiasm usefulness

Opt for a team facilitation, ongoing from 6 months up to a year, or use it for your Team Boosters.

Depending on your aim, let's build a tailor-made project most adapted to the needs of your teams.