FOCUS "Developing Leadership Through Spiritual Coaching"

Training Coaches


The development of Leadership stagnates rapidly when we go no further than skill development or when we stay in coaching conversations that remain in comfort zone. 


Enabling your clients to explore and vibrate their own inner spirituality is extraordinary, it will help create a strong alignment within their value system. Accessing and accepting one’s spirituality and exploring what animates us all in a unique way is incredibly powerful.This will help deploy the richness of the subconscious and enable it to implant in the consciousness new habits, new behaviors, deeply, and in agreement with your clients.



What you can offer your clients at the end of this training:


- Quickly reconnect them to their deep values


- Make consistent and aligned decisions


- To establish their leadership (personnel and for others)


- Gain flexibility in their way of communicating


- Boost their creativity 

- Give amplitude and more meaning to their goals


The goal of FOCUS "Developing Leadership Through Spiritual Coaching" is to give clear and powerful keys to effectively increase the quality of coaching. It is a quick and effective training to make you feel fast and firmly moving towards new practices and new listening filters to implement in your sessions.


What you will gain during this training: 

  • New ways to help your clients get out of their comfort zone

  • Offer a spiritual coaching to companies

  • Link neuroscience and spiritual coaching

  • Strength and amplitude in your posture

  • A work on the alignment between who (where) you are and the accompaniment you wish to deliver

  • Develop your intuition and know how to use it in coaching

  • Knowing how to coach the soul rather than the ego

  • Link the spiritual part of you to your way and field of intervention

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