Dragonflies ...


... They are remarkable odonates and are very inspiring for coach posture:


- their enormously large and curved eyes allow them a precise and clear vision of their environment


- their 4 independent wings give them a real ease and flexibility in their mobility (up, down, forwards, backwards, on the spot) and a very high speed if necessary (up to 60 km/h)

Many of its qualities make this insect a symbol of being at ease with the elements. In the same way, a coach, in order to remain flexible, performant and in congruence with his practice, chooses mentoring to maintain a  level of ease with his own environment 









Mentoring is one of the most suitable ways to perfect your coaching skills. An all rounder, this follow-up works as much on your professional skills than on your personal ones.


Accredited mentor by ICF and trained in 2012 by Rae Chois (MCC) with Erickson International (ACTP). As part of her work as a trainer and mentor in the Canadian School, Moëra Saule (PCC) uses mentoring techniques to bring coaching professionals to their best level. Moëra offers systematic mentoring that takes into account all aspects of each Coach, so that the development of professional skills is aligned and consistent with the uniqueness of everyone.

Individual Mentoring

With an individual mentoring, you will receive a tailored follow-up in the heart of your practice. From a recording of one of your sessions, Moëra Saule will go through, with you, every key moment. You will learn to:


- Take a step back from your performance

- Review your strengths and weaknesses

- Unleash the deeper issues

- Take your clients further into their development

- Develop the 11 core competencies of a coach according to the International Coach Federation (ICF)

- Progress internally your coach posture

- Confront your blockages

- Recreating habits on your client's behalf

- Find new ways to approach key situations with your clients

Individual 1 hour session online by appointment



A session 125€*


ICF Mentoring accreditation preparation (ACC and PCC)

Individual sessions are 1 hour 30 minutes by appointment


Package 7 sessions (10 hours required by ICF): 1250€*

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