Moëra Saule is a Master Certified Coach (MCC) accredited by the ICF with more than 2800 hours of coaching, a Coach Trainer and a Mentor Coach. She lives in the South West of France in Toulouse.

In addition to training activities for experienced coaches, Moëra trains Coaches with ACTP Erickson International Canada. She has trained coaches from several countries (France, Canada, Tunisia, Czech Republic, USA, Hong Kong ...), in both French and English. Moëra Saule is also a Master Soul Coaching® Practitioner - certified by Denise Linn - and certifies Soul Coaching® Practitioners as she is one of the few Soul Coaching Trainers in the world.

With an Ericksonian training background, Moëra’s techniques exploit the power of the subconscious mind through communication techniques put in place by the therapist, the use of metaphors, NLP, and advanced relaxation techniques such as guided meditations, Techniques of Soul Coaching®, mandalas, the use of voices and different brain waves, as well as our visualization power thanks to the neo-cortex and the neuroplasticity of the brain. Her work is closely linked to the neuroscientific discoveries of the past 15 years.


In her coaching practice, Moëra works in the fields of international careers and professional development, mainly for international groups. Her clients are mostly business leaders, Senior Managers and personal development professionals (coaches, therapists, sophrologists ...). In 2012, Moëra was a member of the evaluation board for the development of Airbus Group’s new pool of external coaches. 


Moëra is a specialist of Leadership coaching through spiritual growth. She creates a sacred space for powerful reflections that help her clients make impactful and healthy decisions, work on themselves and all that in correlation with the good health of their Company / teams / family. As their awareness grows, she helps clients balance their professional development, their place and the role they want to play in this life.


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Moëra was an expatriate for several years and worked as a Philosophy Teacher and Careers Advisor at the Lycée Français Charles de Gaulle in London (UK), as well as in one of the International Baccalaureate Schools (IBO) in Beijing, China.


Major of her Masters II in Philosophy, her research for several years focused on a branch of comparative philosophy between Indian Buddhism and German Idealism (notably with the German philosopher Friedrich Wilhem Joseph von Schelling). She then studied different forms of contemporary Buddhism (Vietnamese, Thai, Lao, Chan, Zen) and their integration at a contemporary, political and cultural level.


Back in the Pink City, Moëra particularly likes the quality of life and the brightness of this city. She is installed there for her work as a Coach, Trainer and Mentor Coach, and she also travels for interventions in other cities in France and abroad.