What is Soul Coaching® ?

Soul Coaching®  is a coaching technique and a set of programs developed by Denise Linn, a successful author and speaker. Recognized, throughout the world, as an expert in both Feng Shui and Energy Purifying techniques. Denise Linn has distilled her knowledge gained from traditional indigenous cultures throughout the world (Australian Aborigines, Zulu in Africa, Maori in New Zealand-where Denise received the title of Tohunga-, but also from her Cherokee origins.) and wisdom in her teachings.


Almost everyone who engages in a Soul Coaching®  program - experiences deep and lasting transformations in their lives. You already have all the answers you need. It is a simple matter of uncovering and discovering yourself, both internally and externally, to allow you to connect to your own wisdom. Soul Coaching®  is a powerful way to break down blocages, limitations and barriers to move forward with an aligned way in living.

For over 15 years, Denise Linn has trained Soul Coaches around the world through a deep and powerful work. Soul Coaching® Practitioners use the power of the conscious mind when it's connected to the subconscious mind.


Moëra is a Master Soul Coaching® Practitioner (MSCP) and a Soul Coaching®  Trainer (SCT)

She trains Soul Coaching® Practitioners and offers Soul Coaching®  programs and Soul Coaching® to her clients.

Denise Linn and Moëra Saule at Summerhill Ranch, Paso Robles, California, March 2015

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