What is 28-Day Soul Coaching® ?

28-Days Soul Coaching®  is a Coaching Circle created by Denise Linn.

It is a spiritual journey that spans over a period of 4 weeks. Each week is associated with one of the 4 elements:

Air - Water - Fire - Earth


The goal of Soul Coaching® is to align your spiritual life with your daily life. The programme helps you cleanse mentally and emotionally, to allow you to hear the messages coming from within. The 28-day Soul Coaching®   will accompany you in discovering the purpose your soul wishes to give your life and guide you in taking action and making decisions in accordance with your mission of life.

ListenTo Your Soul

Strengthen Self-Confidence and


Developing Your Intuition

Healthy Living

Coaching International _ Coaching de l'Âme

Attracting New Opportunities

Take Control of Your Destiny

Releasing New Energies

Eliminate What is Hindering Your Progress

How can I adjust this programme to my life responsabilities?

This program is designed so that anyone can follow it despite a busy lifestyle. Every day, you receive a guided Meditation of just a few minutes, as well as the self-coaching exercises for the day, divided into 3 levels:


- Level 1: Committed to Change! (Between 10 and 30 minutes)

- Level 2: Go ahead! (Between 30 minutes and 1 hour)

- Level 3: Body and soul! (the necessary time!)


Each day you have the opportunity to choose the level of self-coaching exercise you want to perform.

Soul Coaching 28 days, How does it work?


-Days 1-7: dedicated to the properties of the Air / Clean mental debris


-Days 8-14: dedicated to the properties of Water / Emotional Self


-Days 15-21: dedicated to the properties of Fire / Clean your dark sides and connect to your spiritual one


-Days 22-28: dedicated to the properties of the Earth / The Physical Self


A weekly group meeting at the beginning and end of the programme allows you to go further in depth with powerful and inspiring coaching workshops.

Personal results you will get during the 28-Day Soul Coaching Programme 

The most common statements made by people who have taken the 28-day Soul Coaching®  programme are about a real turning point in their lives. For virtually all, a remarkable transformation occurs where personal blockages and limitations gradually dissolve and positive changes occur in various areas of their lives.

During this programme you will:

  • Awaken your inner peace and illuminate your soul

  • Discover your life mission

  • Review your life

  • Understand the decisive moments of your life

  • Overcome recurring and ongoing fears

  • Create a vision, a reading card of your soul

  • Create a spiritual stick

  • Awaken the highest spiritual aspect in you and live in harmony

Answers during this programme:

  • What is my life mission?

  • What are my deep values?

  • How can I live my life according to my values?

  • What is blocking me and how do I break these barriers?


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