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Become a Soul Coach!

-Soul Coach® -


"Moëra is part of the very small group of individuals I have personally and

carefully chosen to represent Soul Coaching ®, and to carry her voice in the


future, through training professional Soul Coaching ® practitioners.

She is an extraordinary Soul Coaching ® Practitioner and Certified Soul


Coaching ® Trainer. She has achieved the highest level of Soul Coaching ®

 certification and is part of a group of individuals that I personally trained.


She creates a secure and fertile environment to uncover the truth of the soul;


The people who follow her, experience remarkable transformations in their


lives "


Denise Linn, Founder of Soul Coaching ®

Soul Coaching®  is a remarkable method for those who wish to carry out a profound spiritual cleansing, to bring newness and an aligned and perennial transformation in their life.


The goal of Soul Coaching®  is to align your inner spiritual life with your life. This helps your clients make space in their, sometimes, congested lives (mental, emotional, physical). With this method, you can help your clients discover their true mission, so that they can create a life accordingly.

What you will learn during

-Soul Coaching®  Pro Training Programme-

How to Develop an Effective Conversation with Your Clients

  • What are the most effective and relevant questions to ask, and how / when to ask them

  • How to adjust the questions according to each client and its uniqueness

  • What you should never ask

  • How your client’s profile becomes an asset for the effectiveness of each of your sessions

  • How to create a beautiful energy and a powerful connection with your client before he even arrives


How to develop a healthy and results-oriented report

An important step as a coach is to be able to immediately create the sense of security and a genuine relationship with your clients. In this course you will learn 18 tricks that will allow you and your clients to co-create a warm atmosphere and to connect with your hearts. This will make your conversations deep and transformational for your clients.


Among these tips, you will familiarize yourself in particular with:

  • Methods of reporting with physiology

  • Synchronization of breathing

  • Mirror effects

  • Positioning in and from space


How to create a sacred space

  • Learning how important the environment is in the outcome of what is being implemented

  • Understand the mystical meaning of the elements and how to use their strength in a stronger and more profound way in your sessions

  • Learn to create an environment that diffuses healing and spiritual energies in your sessions

  • Learn Feng Shui secrets to make your coaching sessions even more effective

  • Discover how to spiritually cleanse spaces, you, as well as your clients, before and after a coaching session

  • Understand how essential oils can add to your coaching sessions

How to support your clients during their Soul Journeys in your sessions

One of the unique methods used by Soul Coaches are Soul Journeys.

It is a special, gentle, visualisation that allows your clients to enter into a meditative state by which they can easily and gently access their answers and inner grace. You will learn about this technique during your training.

  • Learn 7 Relaxation Techniques

  • Understand how to use ancestral breathing techniques to give more depth to sessions

  • Learn the 5 most beneficial phrases to use as well as the best words for each of your clients

  • How to use a simple and incredible procedure to allow the soul to give its' answers

  • 8 powerful internal objection resolution techniques

  • Discover how your clients can integrate messages from their souls into their daily lives

  • How to Guide Your Clients in a Shamanic Experience


How Your Customers Can Reach and Exploit Their Dreams​

  • How to accompany your clients to free themselves from their limitations

  • Learn how to create a mystical model for their future

  • How to create a card to read messages from their soul

  • Learning about the alchemy of decluttering and sorting

  • Discover how to harness the power of affirmations in your sessions (and understand why often statements do not work)

How to Implement Your Coaching Practice in the Marketplace


  • Designing and Blessing a Successful Business Plan

  • Effectively convey your message to the world

  • Strategies to increase your business or business project

  • Components of an effective brochure (what to put on the front cover, content and back cover...)

  • Effective marketing strategies

  • How to promote your work via different presentations

  • Choose the best places for your courses

  • Ideas for developing introductory classes

  • How to convert visitors to clients

  • Develop both 28-day Soul Coaching®  programmes for your clients

  • Create client profile forms for registration

  • Grow your prosperity as a Professional Soul Coach®

How to work with your clients


  1. One to one sessions with your clients  can be the foundations for your work. Your clients will  be able to commit to a number of sessions (8-10) or a given period including a specific number of sessions (3 months for 8 sessions ...) or they can choose to take a session when they need to.

  2. In a group: you can lead a group through one of the Soul Coaching® programmes or offer Soul Coaching®  workshops.

  3. Online: not everyone has the time or means to go into an individual coaching or even  a self-development programme. Soul Coaching®  Online is perfect for these people. With online courses, your clients have the advantage of facing important changes in their lives, whilst remaining in the comfort of their homes. This can be done in groups or one to one sessions.