What is Soul Coaching® 28-days

Unlock the secret messages of your body?

Did you know that your body cells contain hidden messages? Did you know that uncovering these messages can have profound effects on your health but also on all other aspects of your life?


This 28-day program is based on the original 28-Days Soul Coaching®  program developed by Denise Linn. Centered on the body and vitality, this version will take you on a pure and honest adventure through the vast universe of your body, where reside mysteries equally as important as those delivered by the spiritual world.

Your cells, glands, and organs contain precious messages that can reveal fabulous awareness about your life.


The primary goal of 28-Days Soul Coaching® - Unlock your secret messages of the body is to get rid of the internal debris in your body so you can connect with your spiritual wisdom. This is not a diet or technique for controlling your usual diet, nor is it a fitness program. Your body has a deep understanding of its needs, and understands that being healthy does not happen by depriving yourself or by restricting yourself. This program will help you gain the appetite for life, and teach you to cherish and honor yourself by listening to your body’s messages. It is a journey to illuminate your soul, and thus, illuminate your body.

Listen To Your Body

Deploy Your Energy With Joy!

Clutter Clear Your Life

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Attract New Opportunities

Connect Your Body to Your Soul

Build Self-Confidence and


Free Up New Energies From Your Cells

Eliminate What is Hindering You

How can I adjust this program into my life responsibilities?

This program is designed so that anyone can follow it despite a busy daily life. Every day, you receive a guided Meditation of just a few minutes, as well as the self-coaching exercises for the day divided into 3 levels:


Level 1: Committed to Change! (Between 10 and 30 minutes)

- Level 2: Go ahead! (Between 30 minutes and 1 hour)

- Level 3: Body and soul! (the necessary time!)


Each day you can choose the level of self-coaching exercise you wish to perform.

Soul Coaching® 28-days, How does it work?

-Days 1-7: dedicated to the properties of the Air / Cleanse the mental baggage of your body


-Days 8-14: dedicated to the properties of Water / Cleansing the emotional baggage of your body

-Days 15-21: dedicated to the properties of Fire / Clean your dark sides and connect to your spiritual one


-Days 22-28: dedicated to the properties of the Earth / Clean and strengthen your physical body


A weekly group meeting at the beginning and end of the programme allows you to go further in depth with powerful and inspiring coaching workshops.

Personal results obtained with the program

Soul Coaching® 28-Days

to unlock the secret messages of your body


The most common statements made by people who have taken the 28-day Soul Coaching®  programme state a real turning point in their lives. For virtually all, a remarkable transformation occurs where personal blockages and limitations gradually dissolve and positive changes occur in various areas of their lives.


During this program you will:

  • Activate a powerful cellular rebalancing of your body

  • Find out why you were born with this particular body

  • Align your body with your life mission

  • Uncover the spiritual lessons your body sends you

  • Learn the mystical correlation between your body and your life

  • Create a vision and a reading card of your soul

  • Create a spiritual stick

  • Understand how to clean and declutter can drastically improve your relationship with your body


By using the energy of nature (Air, Water, Fire, and Earth), this program will allow you to clear your ancient limitations so that you can really begin to claim your brightness and the beauty of your body.


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