What is Soul Coaching 21-Days To Declutter?

Individual Programme

-Soul Coaching® 21-days Clutter Clearing Quest-

Soul Coaching®  21 days Clutter Clearing Quest is a programme created by Denise Linn. This programme combines Soul Coaching®  with her work on Feng Shui and Energy Purification.

This programme is only available to advanced soul coaches.


From a spiritual point of view, letting go of your material affairs is equivalent to releasing the emotional blockages and barriers of your life. In fact, disencumbering one's environment is never solely a matter of material affairs; It is an indicator of many other things that happen in your life, underneath the visible surface. Material accumulation may be the expression of various fears (such as fear of being seen, or fear of the future), or it may be the result of negative relationships, a feeling of not being good enough or always wanting to please others ...


Sorting, unclogging is extremely powerful when it is associated with a spiritual quest and self-development, as it is offered by the Soul Coaching® method. This is "the alchemy of modern times" according to Denise Linn. You start with this tailor-made programme to approach coaching in a totally innovative, extremely effective and concrete way. Prepare yourself for fast, longlasting, profound and positive changes.

Soul Coaching® 21-days to declutter, How does it work?



-Days 1-7: Travel through your Home - What is the energy in your Home. Meet your Home’s spirit


-Days 8-14: Explore your values - Unveil the house you love

-Days 15-21: Travel through your spiritual part - Make your Home a Home for the Soul

Personal results that you will get during the 21-Day Soul Coaching programme Declutter!

- 21-Days Soul Coaching®Clutter Clearing Quest-

In addition to exploring the nature of the disorder,  material accumulations and the effects they have on your life, prepare yourself to open up to the forces that influence  you from under the surface. This programme will transform your life as decluttering and clearing are the alchemy of modern times once they're connected to their spiritual aspect.


During this program you will:

  • Understand what is behind the objects you collect

  • Make you aware of the energy of your surrounding objects

  • Learn to detach yourself from what doesn’t suit

  • Creating a map of cluttered inner areas in you

  • Mix Feng Shui and Soul Coaching®  to move forward in your life

  • Find the identity that suits you and your position in the world

  • Let new opportunities into your life

  • Clean Your Subconscious


Answers you will find  during this programme:

  • What are the key aspects of my life that I need to focus on?

  • What does my habitat say about me?

  • How to create a living space in accordance with my intentions and aspirations?

  • What is blocking me and how do I break these barriers?

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