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What is included in the Individual

Soul Coaching 21 Days to sort!

-Soul Coaching®21-Days Clutter Clearing Quest-  

21-Days Soul Coaching® Clutter Clearing Quest is a programme that combines the physical decluttering of your living space with Feng Shui  as well as the specific techniques of Soul Coaching®  developed by Denise Linn. During this journey, punctuated by tailor-made Soul journeys, day after day your environment becomes clearer and helps you break down the unconscious barriers it symbolized in you, to help you move forward in your life

* 21 days of decluttering in full consciousness

* 3  Soul Journeys (individual Soul Coaching® session)

* 1 Private online session of cleaning and reprogramming the energies in your home

-Elemental Space Clearing®-

* 1 Spiritual Quest

Individual Coaching Programme 
Tailor made Dates
Prices : Online: 750€